Illuminati Glassworks

You won't believe what we've made for you!

Welcome to We are Dan Bergeron + Jim Heeks and our mission is to design and produce fused glass art for the home and garden. Some of our pieces are functional. Some are decorative (which is still a function!). ALL of them are FUN! BRIGHT! BOLD! Impeccably crafted with obsessive attention to detail, our work reflects a fiery love affair with design, light and colour. We take our work seriously and we have serious fun doing it, all from our home on beautiful Gabriola Island, British Columbia.

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Our Gallery

A few years ago, we decided to cut a big hole in the front of our house to create an entrance into what would become our gallery. Kind of scary really, when you’re making that first cut with the saw, but we wanted a space to showcase our work during the Thanksgiving Studio Tour weekend.

Bright and Beautiful.

If you’re coming “from away” the trip to Gabriola is well worth the effort of getting here. Gabriola is one of those remarkable places where the beauty of the West Coast is inescapable. We have a robust and lively community of artists with dozens of studios and galleries to welcome you.

Our gallery is only open during the Gabriola Studio Tour, which takes place across the Thanksgiving long weekend.